How to Rank on Youtube 2021 – [Get More Views on Youtube Fast 2021 with TubeBuddy]

All that effort creating a video and editing it, just to find later that nobody is watching it?
How to rank on youtube 2021 ?? How to get more views on youtube fast in 2021?
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It doesn’t matter if our video is the best if nobody is watching it!

And for that, we need to do some research to find good keywords and create a great title and tags that really help us rank our video and show up when some one searched for that terms.
Then there are also some other important things we can do so that google knows that our video is relevant when someone is searching for some specific term or keywords. In other words: optimizing it!
And this is what we are going to see in this video and how Tubebuddy allows us to do the research and optimization to have the best results!

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Time links:
00:00 – What kind of things we can do with Tubebuddy
01:10 – Tubebuddy menu and features in Youtube page
01:23 – Important option in settings
01:45 – Keyword Research in Tubebuddy
07:26 – SEO Studio – Optimizing the video information
08:07 – Engagement – Visited pages and events
13:11 – Applying optimizations to the uploading video


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