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How to Read Google Analytics for Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing – [New Dashboard and GA4]

How to Read Google Analytics for Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing?
In Google Analytics we can find a lot of data, so what data do we take into account? What sections and number are important for affiliates? And for digital marketing?
That’s what we are going to see here!

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We may have a funnel with optin page/s and thankyou page/s where we as many new poeple as possible, or we may have a blog or a website where we want people to come back and engage as often as possible.

In any case, we can get very valuable information in Google Analytics for Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, but we need to know what numbers to look at and how to understand them.

So, in this video we are going to have a tour around the main information we can see in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and how to read it or how to understand it! I hope you find it useful!
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Time links:
00:00 – What info we are going to find in google analytics (GA4) in this video
00:44 – Dashboard sections we are going to look at
01:04 – Home Page
03:42 – Real Time Page
06:05 – User Acquisition
08:07 – Engagement – Visited pages and events
09:34 – Demographics – countries, languages, and more
11:09 – All events – configuring a conversion event
11:51 – Tag Manager – configuring a conversion event for GA4


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